iDevice File Locations (iOS 6/7)

Below is a list of file/folder locations for iDevices. Not all locations will be exactly the same from, for instance, iPhone to iPad or iTouch. However these locations are correct for iPhone and are a good starting point for other devices that may have slightly different file structures. If you're viewing these locations with iFile, I suggest you click on the little gear icon in the bottom left of iFiles main screen, then click "File Manager", and make certain "Application Names" is set to ON. This will decode certain folder names into application names instead, making it about 10 billion times easier to find what you're looking for.


How can I export iFile bookmarks?
iFile bookmarks are located in: /var/mobile/Library/iFile, named appropriately "Bookmarks.plist". Just hit Edit and then select the plist, then email it to yourself from the bottom menu bar.

Where are all my applications preferences saved?
Nearly all installed applications, including jailbroken apps from Cydia, save their preferences in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences. You can back this entire folder up if you need to re-install your iOS, re-jailbreak, re-install your Cydia applications, move your backed up preferences folder to your device and reboot. You then should have nearly everything back to the way it was.

Where is PwnTunes My Music folder located?
PwnTunes "My Music" folder is located in: /var/mobile/Media/My Music

Where does Protube 2 save videos and audio?
Navigate to: /var/mobile/Applications/YouTube/Library/ProTube.

Where are MxTube downloaded videos saved?
MxTube saves videos to the following folder: /var/mobile/Media/MxTube

Where are Cydia applications installed?
Most Cydia applications are located in: /var/stash/Applications

Where are App Store applications installed?
All apps installed from the App Store are located in: /var/mobile/Applications

Where is the Hosts file located on iDevices?
The Host file is located in: /private/etc, named appropriately "Hosts". You can view and edit it in iFile using the text viewer. For a huge list of URL's and IP's that you may want to block, visit HERE.

Where are original iDevice wallpapers located?
The wallpapers that are included with your iDevice are not normally editable or delete-able. However, with iFile you can view them and delete them from: /var/stash/Library/Wallpaper/iPhone* *obviously the last folder will differ depending on your device.

Where are Voicemail messages stored and can I do anything with them?
Voicemail is stored in: /var/mobile/Library/Voicemail. You can listen to them in iFile using it's audio player, or export them via email. Interestingly, even voicemail you've deleted some time ago is still located here, taking room on your device even though you've deleted them from your visual voicemail application. Hrm...

Where are system sounds (such as power connected, email, tweets, etc.) located?
All system sounds are in /System/Library/Audio/UISounds. You can preview them with iFile, and change them around to your liking by swapping file names or import your own .caf files renamed to the specific sound you're replacing. For instance, I really dislike the power connected sound, which is called beep-beep.caf. I copied jbl-ambiguous.caf and renamed it beep-beep.caf after deleting the original. Now I have a more pleasant sound when I plug my iPhone 4 in. There is no option to change the power connected sound from the settings menu.

Where are my Camera Roll photos stored?
The name of the folders in which your photos are stored varies from device to device, but the location of these folders is always the same. Look in: /var/mobile/Media/DCIM and you'll notice folders with names like "101APPLE". These folders typically have all your camera roll photos.

Where are recordings saved from the Voice Memos application?
Recordings are located in /var/mobile/Media/Recordings.


It's important to remind people that all of these files can be downloaded from iFiles WiFi FTP server. You'll just need to reference where things are located other than on your device since you can't navigate while hosting a FTP connection from your iDevice.

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