Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A New Year, A New iPhone

Hello, and Happy New Year.

I haven't felt a need to modify my phone nearly as extensively with the introduction of the iPhone 6+. This phone is blazing fast, and only a few tweaks are nessasary to get rid of pretty much every problem I still have with iOS.

Today I'm going to post what I'm currently using, straight from Cydia, to appease the rebel in me:

1. Tage - This is by far one the best tweaks I've ever installed. Feeling a lot like Zephyr, this tweak makes using iOS 8 so much faster. Look into it, take time setting it up, and you will definitely agree.

2. Aria - This tweak takes aim at the stock music app. It enhances album view, among many other things, and also includes the ability to stop landscape rotation which blocks having the annoying album art view when laying in bed.

3. StatusHUD 2 - This tweak is pretty old, but aging well. It puts small circles in your status bar when you change volume up or down, instead of blocking the screen with the huge volume HUD. A must have.

4. Springtomize 3 - If you don't already know about this tweak, I don't know where you've been....

I also use: Barrel, HapticPro, IconBounce, PhotoAlbums+, PwnTunes, TetherMe, Wake With Weather, and Winterboard.

Battery life is still solid, and this phone is simply amazing. I have to say that the biggest changes are from Tage and Springtomize 3. This phone feels totally different!

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