Friday, August 24, 2012

How To Fix White App Icons On Springboard

I've ran into this problem, several times. I've found that iBlank has an AMAZING ability to blank out stock app icons. The last time I installed it, it blanked out my Photos app. I spent some time on google looking for answers and found a few suggestions. I'll list them in order of what people seem to report working the best.

Aamer posted on these steps, which everyone that tried it said worked perfectly: (I edited his post to my format)

1. Open cydia.
2. Go to the "Manage" tab and press "Settings" on the top left corner.
3. Select "Devoloper" from the menu.
4. Search for " libhide", then re-install it.

If that didn't fix it for you, stay calm... here's solution #2, as posted by ZiiG on iDownloadBlog: (edited misspellings)

"For jailbroken apps I have always used iWipe Cache......I set an Activator action (Icon spread) to launch the app, and it works most of the time...probably 99% of the time any way.

For stock apps I use an app from Cydia called "iRetiner GUI". It has an option in the options tab to fix white/blank stock icons and it works literally every time (atleast it has for me), and at the same time can make your non-retina app store apps into retina icons.

But I highly recommend iRetiner GUI for blank/white stock iPhone apps. Can't lose, as it also fixes non-retina icons also......and on top of that's FREE.

I found the post about iRetiner GUI first, and used it. My Photos app icon is back, so I do know first hand that application works. I opened it and chose "REVERT TO ORIGINAL ICONS" as I didn't have any low res icons that needed to be changed. It fixed the photos icon instantly. There doesn't appear to be a option tab in this application any longer, so that's why I elected to use the revert option.

Hopefully one of the three solutions fixed the blank icons for you.


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