Sunday, July 17, 2011

3DBoard by "Apocolipse" ($2.99)

Actually, this application is not very interesting or functional. I honestly felt ripped off after buying this tweak. The idea is to move your background when you move your phone, giving the Springboard depth and a "3D" look. Unfortunately it doesn't deliver either. Since I put my experiences with all apps that I install, I felt I should warn people that this is more of a gimmick app, at least at this point anyways. Future updates may make this app worth having, but so far... not so much.

In the 2 available settings for this app, I increased the depth to maximum (didn't notice much difference) and then ultimately turned the application off. I haven't used it since.


If this type of program interest you, check out a app by Ryan Petrich called DeepEnd.

Here is how to install DeepEnd:

In Cydia, click "Manage", then "Sources". In the upper right corner click "Edit", then in the upper left corner click "Add". After "http://" add and click "Add Source". Cydia will update, then either choose the new repo from the list that comes up or search Cydia for DeepEnd and install as usual. (Oh, and did I mention its FREE!!)

After trying both applications, I can definitively say that DeepEnd is slightly better. It has a zoom function that helps the 3D appearance tremendously. However, neither application is all that interesting. You have to have one eye closed and the phone laying flat on its back in your hand for the full effect. If you're holding the phone in front of you standing straight up then it doesn't really move from side to side, only up and down. I'd say don't waste your time with these, they just don't work well enough to sacrifice the RAM or CPU cycles.

Cydia Store Link (iDevice only):

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