Saturday, July 23, 2011

NoCyfresh i4 by "Nathulal" (FREE)

I LOVE Cydia, but one thing I could say sucks about it is how long it takes to refresh package/source lists every bleeding time you start it. If you're like me, you start Cydia over and over in a night just finding and trying new apps/tweaks. Do we really need Cydia to update 25 times a night?

Enter NoCyfresh i4.

NOTE: You need SBSettings installed before continuing with the installation of NoCyfresh!

This tweak is simple.. keep Cydia from auto-refreshing. You can still manually update, or you can toggle NoCyfresh on/off via SBSettings before you open Cydia.

The i4 designation is for iPhone 4's. There is a iPhone 3G & 3GS version in Cydia as well, use whichever pertains to you. There are no settings to change for this and no icon on the Springboard.

"WARNING: This toggle actually modifies Cydia launcher to prevent Cydia from auto-refreshing."

Cydia Store Link (iDevice only):
NoCyfresh i4 (iPhone 4, iOS 4.0+)
NoCyfresh (iPhone 3G & 3GS, iOS 3.1.2)
More information:

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