Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Remove Even More Language Related Files

Here is a small list of places you can delete more configuration files that aren't nessasary for the use of your iPhone. In any one of these locations you never want to delete a file with the "en" designation as that is short for English, of course. Also remember you can always click the "Edit" button in iFile and then put check marks next to each file and hit the trashcan when deleting multiple files. This is much faster than swiping and pressing delete on each one.

Delete every folder except for TextInput_en.bundle
Delete every Keyboard-*.plist file except Keyboard-en.plist, Keyboard.en_US.plist and Keyboard-default.plist.
Delete every folder except "en".
Delete every StaticBookmarks-*.plist except StaticBookmarks-AM.plist and StaticBookmarks-en_US.plist
Delete three Japanese dictionaries that all start with "Shogakukan".

The final location requires editing a file with iFiles text editor. Navigate to this folder:
Click on "KeyboardToLanguage.plist" and choose Text Viewer, then click Edit. You need to delete nearly every line, leaving only whats pictured below:

After all of the above was deleted/edited along with everything from this post, I saw some noticeable difference in how fast my iPhone reboots and its overall responsiveness, though its marginal. I gained some RAM, I'd estimate about ~15MB. I'm pretty happy with the results so if your phone is always running fairly low on RAM, these two guides could help free some much needed speediness on your device. I think the only time you'll see a difference after removing language related files is when you are starting up the mail app or something else related to text input. I just like cleaning up the phone a bit, ridding of files I won't ever use. I'm going to dig further into what else I can safely remove.

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