Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Edit Any Applications Springboard Icon

After doing this post, I realized how easily I could also change applications icons on the springboard. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 so I had to use Gimp for the image editing.

MakeItMine has "Erica" on its icon: (top left)

I don't really care for that, so I opened iFile and started the wifi browser, entered my phones local ip in my computers browser and downloaded the icon.png from /Applications/ Delete the icon from your phone with iFile before continuing. I then opened the downloaded png in Gimp and used the select tool to select just the area I wanted to paint over with the paint brush. I deleted "Erica" and then used the text tool to put "NeXuS". You'll then want to merge visible layers and save it. Then go back to your browser and upload the newly edited png back to your phone. iFile will rename it to icon (1).png if you didn't delete the original first (like mentioned above). Swipe and delete icon.png if you have two of them now and then click the arrow next to icon (1).png and rename it to icon.png. Save and close iFile, respring to see your changes like this:

Much better :) Sorry Erica!

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