Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Edit Any Applications Name On Springboard

I have a few apps that have pretty lengthy names. After installing Five-Column SB I realized that some of the apps names would border each other and it just wasn't very pleasing to the eye. So, I opened my favorite program iFiles and set out to find a solution. UPDATE: I forgot I made this post a while back, I've since installed and used Icon Renamer by Ryan Petrich. I'd recommend this wayyy before doing manual edits as its much faster.

Navigate to /Applications and choose whichever app you want to rename. In its main directory, for instance /Applications/ you should see a file called "Info.plist". Click it and hit "Text Viewer", then find the line that says:

(the key might be named either CFBundleName or CFBundleDisplayName)

Change the name in the second line, like this:

Save and close iFile and respring to see your changes. Do not change anything else in this file or your program could stop functioning.

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