Sunday, July 17, 2011

Infinidock & Infinifolders by Grant Paul ($0.99 each)

Infinidock is a tweak that allows you to have... infinite icons in your dock, in case you hadn't guessed. Install via Cydia like normal.

Here are the settings that I use:
"Icons per Page" Five
"Start at Page" Disabled
"Scrolling" On
"Paging" Off
"Scrolling Snap" On

Infinifolders is a tweak that allows a infinite number of icons within a user created folder, such as games. I believe Apple only allows 12 icons per folder.

Here are the settings that I use:
"Vertical Scrolling" On
"Scrolling Bounce" Enabled
"Scrollbar Style" White (because the folders theme is dark, best contrast)
"Vertical Paging" Off

It's sort of sad we even have to mod our devices to do both of these things, but I'm happy they are available. Also be sure to check out the third Infini tweak, Infiniboard (I don't have a use for it at this time).

Thank you Grant Paul!

Cydia Store Link (iDevice only):

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