Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CallBar by E. Limneos & J. Tucker ($3.99)

I'm very excited about this tweak, unfortunately the default screen-shot button sequence doesn't work while this tweak is displaying a call, so no image for this post :/ (I've added a video found on YouTube below, a good look at its functionality)

CallBar is a modification to how your iPhone displays phone calls. If you've ever been in the middle of typing a email or watching a youtube video only to have someone call you and interrupt what you're doing, then you know how irritating this can be. By default the iPhone will pop up a incoming phone call screen that displays your basic information about the caller and a few options for interacting with the call. What typically happens to me, is I'm typing something when the phone rings and I end up hitting deny before I can even react to the phone call. CallBar fixes all of these irritations, and it was just released yesterday (July 18th).

This app comes from a standard Cydia repository, so no need to add a new one. Just search for CallBar in Cydia and install as usual. This app cost $3.99 and is worth every bit of that!

Review by "myjailbreakmovies":

Cydia Store Link (iDevice only):

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