Saturday, July 23, 2011

Backgrounder & MultiFl0w (FREE & $4.99)

I paired these together because, well, they belong together. Backgrounder allows applications to remain in memory, so you can quickly switch back and fourth between them without having to reload any of the apps. Apple's attempt at making a multitasking capability pretty much failed with iOS 4. Backgrounder, if configured to do so, mimics Androids multitasking interface.

MultiFl0w (with a zero) is a add-on application for Backgrounder. It is technically a stand alone app, but working along with Backgrounder offers more options to better suit your needs.

Install via Cydia, starting with Backgrounder and then MultiFl0w.

Here are the settings that I use for Backgrounder (installs its own icon on the springboard):

Under the "Global" menu
"Backgrounding method" Backgrounder
"Options for "Backgrounder" -> Fall Back to Native - Off
"Backgrounding state" -> Enable at Launch - Off, Stay Enabled - On
"Indicate state via..." -> Badge - On, Status Bar Icon - On
"Minimize on Toggle" On

Here are the settings I use for MultiFl0w (via iPhones settings menu):
"Activation Method" Home Button -> Double Press
"Switcher style" Cards
"Rearrangeable Tabs" Off (Expose mode only, I use Cards)
"Tap on black closes" On
"Wallpaper style" None
"Closes to homescreen" On
"Overlay App Icons" Off
"BG current on switch" Off
"Remove from tray..." On

With these configured this way, I just press and hold the home button for a short time to minimize the app while keeping its status in memory. To view all running apps, I double click the home button. This brings me to a black screen with "Cards" showing the running apps. I can select one, which maximizes the app, or I can click little X's to close a particular app. If I am using a app that I wish to close without backgrounding it, I just click home button quickly and it closes without backgrounding. All apps stay backgrounded until I close them from the Cards screen. This is exactly how I wanted it!

I really want to thank all those involved in the Backgrounding project, as its now open source, and a really BIG thanks to Lance Fetters (original creator of Backgrounder) and Aaron Ash (creator of MultiFl0w).

Cydia Store Link (iDevice only):
More information:
Backgrounder Source Code

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