Sunday, July 17, 2011

How To Jailbreak Your iDevice (Simple Method)

There are many choices these days on what to use for unlocking your iDevice. My weapon of choice, so to speak, is the super simple unlock from developer Comex. All you need to do is go to that url via Safari on your iDevice. If your device and firmware (4.3.3 or lower) are compatible, the website will tell you this, then you'll see a screen that mimics Apples App Store. Simply click "Free" and then "Install" and you'll be taken back to your Springboard so you can watch the magic happen. Cydia is being installed and the entire hack, or whatever you want to call it, takes less than 20 seconds, typically.

I can remember jail-breaking my iPhone 3G way back when you had to use USB and hold these buttons for this long and wait several minutes for the jailbreak to work, if it even did. There sure were a lot of bricks and angry people back then. Jail-breaking has come a lonnnnggggggg way since then.

Thank you so much Comex!

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