Sunday, July 17, 2011

CyDelete by Dustin Howett (FREE)

A lot of applications downloaded via Cydia have icons on the Springboard (desktop). To uninstall apps from Apples App Store, you just hold your finger on a app till they wiggle and then hit the X. Unfortunately Cydia apps are not this easy. By default, you have to open Cydia, wait for it to load, click manage and then this and that and so on. Its a time consuming process and it shouldn't have to be....

To fix this problem, install CyDelete via Cydia. This nifty little tweak allows for deleting any app from Cydia that has a Springboard icon. If the app does not have a icon, you can't use CyDelete to remove it. You'll still have to use Cydia in this case.

There are no options for this app, you can either turn on or off Cydia protection (so you can't accidently remove Cydia). There is also no icon for this program, so if you should decide to remove it, you have to do so through Cydia.

Thank you for this tweak Dustin Howett!

Cydia Store Link (iDevice only):

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