Monday, July 25, 2011

How To Get A List Of Installed Cydia Applications

If you're facing having to restore your iDevice for whatever reason. You're probably fearing trying to figure out what all the apps were you have installed from Cydia. Sure, you can view a list of them in Cydia and write them all down or create a document on your computer and type it all but who wants to do that? There's a couple of programs out there that can backup and restore your Cydia apps, some free and some that cost. Two examples I'm aware of are AptBackup (FREE) or PkgBackup ($7.99). For those of us that want something fairly simple and free that creates a file for us to view or save wherever we want, navigate to this folder with iFile:


View the file simply called "status" with the text editor option. You'll then have a list of all of your Cydia installed applications along with some useful information about each app such as installed size, who maintains the app, version number, what dependencies the app has (what other programs does it rely on), a description of what the program does (as it was displayed in the Cydia store), the apps URL homepage, author and their email address, who sponsors it, etc.

You can either email this file to yourself from iFile (viewable on your computer as a standard text document), or copy and paste into your favorite email application.

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